Apremont: Coming of Age

Stephen is an Author that grew up in New England. His work is LGBT fiction and has published his first book Apremont: Coming of Age as well as written the prequel indie film: Apremont: The Beginnings. He is currently working on the 10th Anniversary edition of the book, As well as the next 2 installments in the Apremont Saga!




Hi Stephen,

     I’m really enjoying “Apremont: Coming of Age”.

Congrats on writing and publishing it! 

    I find the Apremont Lake Park scenes really evocative, especially the Co-workers’ lives and rivalries, how friendships can spring up so quickly at that age.

    I graduated from high school in 1986, and I really get a feel for the era.

    I also didn’t know anything about being a gay 18 year old boy, but I Think that Steve’s voice is really clear – I definitely see and understand his perspective on life at that age – It’s a very convincing young man’s Voice.


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